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The Magic , Mind-Reading & Mayhem Show was put together by two members of the Magic Circle, Roberto Forzoni & Simon Rosselli. With over 40 yrs of experience & performances behind them and having performed around the world and at some of the most prestigious venues in the UK, they've now come together to bring about this exciting show.


Each show will consist of some Magic, Mind-Reading, Illusions and a contemporary art/act - such as Juggling or Ventriloquism. Each show is totally unique with different performers, bringing their own sense of humour, sorcery, chicanery, sleight of hand and audience participation.


The shows are typically from 8 - 10pm with a twenty minute interval. Come along and enjoy an evening of mystery, laughter and thaumaturgy. Our last show sold out, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Roberto Forzoni

Member of the Magic Circle


The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle was founded in 1905 by 23 magicians in London. It now has about 1,500 members worldwide and is the worlds premier

Magical Society. Its Motto is Indocilis Privata Loqui
which means

"not apt to disclose secrets"

Simon Rosselli

Member of the Magic Circle

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